Feis (competition)
A feis (pronounced FESH) is a dancing competition, these take place locally, nationally and Internationally - lynnette will discuss entering a feis on an individual basis. 
Feis's are exciting, they are hard work and it is not guaranteed that a dancer will place/qualify nor is not a certainly that every dancer will receive a medal or trophy, Irish dancing is a popular sport with a high level of entrants.  Its as much about taking part as it is winning, every dancer will have their chance to shine but only with hard work, determination and skill.
Lynnette usually decides when a child is ready to participate in feis's, attending is not compulsory and some dancers never attend. 
As a beginner a dancer will wear -
  • Green or black skirt / Black Trousers (boys only)
  • White Polo Shirt /Black Leotard
  •  Poodle Socks/ Black socks (Boys)
  • Irish Dancing shoes
  • Colour of skirt & top/leotard will depend on the association's Feis we are attending.
Once a dancer reaches a certain level a class costume will be worn,  this is designed by Lynnette.  
As an advanced dancer a solo costume may be purchased, this is the individuals' dancers choice, there is a vast array of designs, colours, materials to choose from, Lynnette can advise on dress makers also see our links page.
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