Is Irish Dancing expensive?
In truth Irish Dancing can be an expensive hobby however Lynnette is continuously working hard to ensure costs are kept to a minimum!! Please speak with Lynnette, nothing is unachievable!!
How much are dance classes?
Classes are £5.00 per session, fees can be either paid weekly or by the term, when a dancer is having more then one class per week fees will change - Lynnette will advise.
What if my child does not know anyone?
Irish dancing is a very sociable hobby, with the opportunity to meet an make new friends, through class and Feis.  In a lot of cases children will know at least one other dancer!
What do I need to do/bring to my first class?
Each dancer should bring with them water/juice (no fizzy drinks or sweets)
On the first class a registration form will need to be completed.
What should I wear to Class?
Normal class attire:
  • Shorts/Leggings
  • T-Shirt/vest
  • Light PE plimsolls/ballet pumps/bare feet (Socks alone are not permitted due to Health & Safety)
Do Irish Dancers wear special shoes?
Irish dancers wear two types of shoes:
  • Soft shoes (Ghillies)
  • Heavy shoes
Please see Lynnette for shoe information or follow the links on the website.  Lynnette decides when  heavy shoes are required please do not purchase these without speaking to the teacher!
What is a Feis?
A Feis (pronounced FESH) is a dancing competition.  Feis's are held locally, Nationally and Internationally.  Lynnette will advise when a dancer is ready to participate in competitions.
Does a dancer have to participate in Feis's/Exhibitions/Show etc?
No, participating in up to the dancer, no pressure will be applied.

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