Costumes are an important element to Irish dancing, there are two main costumes worn, as well as show costumes. 
Class Costume...
This costume is the choice of the teacher, Lynnette will design and choose the colour and design of this costume - pictures can be seen throughout the website. 

The class costume is worn to Feis's, as well as some exhibitions.
Initially dancers will wear the following:
  • Black Skirt with a waist and attached / black trousers & waistband (male dancers)
  • Leotard with cuffs attached , Shirt/waistcoat & Tie (male dancers)
  • Poodle Socks /Black socks (Boys) 

Progress to Class Costume Black and white dress with a touch of pink - letter will be given when appropriate, gentleman dancers will wear a black kilt, white shirt, black tie with a hint of pink and a black jacket with black socks again a letter will be issued. 

Once a dancer progresses to a certain level a Solo Costume may be purchased.
Solo Costume...
This costume is an individual personal choice, Lynnette will happily direct you to the best dress makers, as well as attend fittings etc.  There are a array of colours, patterns and designs, like most things trends change!   A solo costume is not required initially!
Second hand costumes are also a good place to start when thinking of purchasing a solo costume...
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