"Tiny Toes"
To introduce boys and girls (age 3) to the basics of Irish Dancing -
  • Learn the music rhythms
  • Basic foot works (1,2,3's, sevens)
Advanced from tiny toes, dancers will be taught the six basic Irish dances-
  • Reel / Light Jig/ Single Jig/ Slip Jig
with progression to "heavy shoe" dances
  • Heavy Jig /Hornpipe
At this stage we will consider
introduction to Feis's (competitions) and Grading examinations.
Introduce complicated footwork to soft shoe dances.
Introduction to Traditional Set Dances
Should be attending regular Feis
As well as soft shoe and heavy shoe dances, dancers will participate, in drill sessions, workshops, one on one sessions.
Regular feis's, exhibitions, shows and displays.

 Picture used with permission August '17
    Initially dancers can wear shorts/leggings (no denim) with light pe plimsolls/ballet pumps or bare feet, dancers are not permitted to dance in socks for Health & Safety reasons.
    Once a dancer is established and decided that this is a fantastic hobby - a class uniform is required this consists of -
    • Black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms
    • Bailey Academy T-Shirt
    • Bailey Academy Hoodie
    • Team Jacket 
    • Shoe Bag (various types available) 
    The uniform is personalised and comes from a particular company D-Star printing 
    www.dstarprinting.co.uk - please see Lynnette with regard to uniform. 
    Any dancer participating in Feis's, shows, exhibitions etc will be required to wear this uniform to and from the event.
    There are two types of shoes used for Irish dancing -
    • "Ghillies" (soft shoes)
    These are black shoes made of soft leather.
    • Hard Shoes    
    These are used for performing all heavy shoe dances - Lynnette advises dances as to when heavy shoes are required.
    Costs for shoes varies, Lynnette will advise you of websites/shops to purchase shoes.  Information can also be found on our links page.

    Irish dancing can be costly, however Lynnette has worked extremely hard to ensure costs are kept to a minimum - the above items are not expected during the first months with exception to a pair of Ghillies (soft shoes) and a T-Shirt!
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