Class Ettiquette...
As part of teaching rules, each dancer must have a completed registration form.Class fees can be paid either weekly or termly.  There are no class refunds unless Lynnette has to cancel a lesson, if a dancer should not attend a class without prior notification  the class fee will be charged.
  • Dancers should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to commencement of the lesson to have shoes on and be ready for warm ups!
  • Please see other pages for acceptable attire.
  • Parents may stay during the class although they are expected to remain quiet for the duration of the class.
Shoes & Stuff...
  • PE plimsolls/ballet pumps or bare feet are fine initially, until the dancer is certain Irish Dancing is for them, Please do not rush out buying shoes!!
Photography & Social Media...
  • We are on facebook and Twitter as well as our website, all Parents/dancers (over 16) will be asked to sign a permission form for photographs for the above mentioned.
  • As well as our facebook page we will have a Bailey Academy group page (that will be closed to the general public, only open to dancers and parents of the Academy) this page will be used to give details to dancers about events, feis information, a way to discuss steps, share information and for Lynnette to post videos from class etc.
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